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April 16 2013

Nathan Fillion is in Monsters University! Perfect Pixar prequel casting news.

Also on Nathan Fillion voice news he's once again voicing Green Lantern on Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox animation from DC Comics.
Aww. Can't wait to see his Monsters U look!
Oh, yay! I already have a certificate for a free ticket to see the film courtesy of Disney after purchasing the Monsters Inc. 3-D DVD. It will be fun to watch for his character. :)
Funny, if I recall correctly, he tweeted a while back about being up in San Francisco and visiting Pixar (which is technically across the bay in Emeryville), but not saying why. I wonder if this is what he was doing.
Very cool indeed. Must get six year old to watch the first one.
Very, very weird. I recently had a dream that I went to see the "Monsters, Inc" sequel...and it was horrible. Ads for 3D kept popping up in the middle of the movie, and half the audience walked out.

But I didn't even know the original had been released in 3D, and I only vaguely recall hearing something about a sequel. Weird how the brain works.

I'm sure Nathan will be hilarious in his animated role.
Love most of Pixar (everything except cars) so yay! more reasons to see the movie!
another excuse to watch an awesome pixar movie.

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