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"Yes, that's exactly the most appalling thing you could have said."
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April 16 2013

Joss Whedon talks Much Ado, Avengers 2 and S.H.I.E.L.D.. This interview was conducted on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards. ETA:Entertainment Tonight has a similar interview (where Joss mentions that he had an idea for the sequel for a while now and confirms an earlier story that Avengers 2 will shoot early next year).

Somebody get that man a nap.
Joss is my hero. I'm counting down the days til Much Ado About Nothing. I'm praying that there will be a SHIELD panel at ComicCon!!
The ET interview was surprisingly good considering the length. They went over quite a bit of stuff in a short amount of time.
Also did we know before that The Avengers 2 starts filming in February? Man,Joss is busy!
Yes, what Kiba said.
ET's J. August question surprised me, and by the looks of it, surprised Joss too.
Yes, let's not burn the fellow out. I'm not through with him yet!

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