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April 17 2013

Out this week - Angel & Faith Volume 3 'Family Reunion' tpb. It collects issues 11 to 15.

Just reading the description reminds me of how much I love this series, and how I can really see this series as a season on TV. Can't wait to finish season 9!!! :D
I picked this up, and while I was in the shop a certain creator whose name would be instantly recognizable was there. I don't want to get anyone in trouble, but it sounds like S10 is either guaranteed, or close to it.
Season 10 has been guaranteed since before season 9 even began. Now if you mean "X person is writing for season 10" then that's a different story.
Christos Gage has already confirmed he and Rebekah Isaacs will be back in some way for season 10.
Hm. I didn't know all of the above, and it sounds like the creator of whom I'm speaking of wasn't aware of everything either. Unless she/he was aware and was trying to make himself/herself look better by claiming that he/she had special knowledge. That would be disappointing. Well, in either event my apologies.

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