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April 17 2013

Patton Oswalt's Parks & Recreation Monologue. Patton Oswalt delivers a incredible filibuster including a mash-up of Star Wars, the Avengers and the X-Men.

Citizen meetings on Parks and Rec are currently the best comedy on tv. This fills my heart with geeky joy.
LOL I think I'd pay to see that movie :)
How did they find so many extras who are either A) great actors or B) totally not interested in anything Patton Oswalt has to say?
I thought he was gonna say Serenity came in for the rescue instead of Solo.
This makes me so crazy happy.

ps Patton you're geek royalty but don't diss the Hawk and the Spider. Them are fightin words.

ps2 redhead woman in front never broke character once! She's good.
Blocked by the user in my country; shame.
"He then starts to assemble the cream of the Marvel universe. NOT the second tier superheros that we saw in the first Avengers movie. I'm sorry, but Hawkeye and Black Widow are not first tier. He would go find, HELLO, Spider-Man."
@ Darkness there's another video on youtube
This is so amazing. Oswalt should run disney
Clearly Patton has wrestled control of the internet from George Takei this week.
Omg, I'm in love with him. "Tony Stark....TONY STARK"
"I know who that is. This is the first person I've known!"

Just amazing. Hee.

(And Mirage, thanks for the heads up that there's a non-US-locked version out there - I've been seeing references to this all evening and not been able to see it!)
Just incredible. I bet Ben will be sorry he missed this.
And the link for the other 95% of the world is here.
Thanks, mirage and mr_waterproof. :)
That's one jaw-dropping display of both improvisational facility and hardcore nerditude. On the heels of a truly inspired guest star stint on Justified, no less. This world needs all the Oswalt it can get!
EW has created the movie poster for it. Love the tag line: "The Female Part's a Little Underwritten."

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