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April 18 2013

Mark Ruffalo reacts to "Science Bros". Mark Ruffalo received a activism award last night and was shown Bruce/Tony fan art for the first time;giggling quickly ensued.

Normally I wouldn't post a article about one of the actors from the film but since its specifically about the fandom of the film I thought some of you would enjoy reading about it.

Mark Ruffalo is really a role model, he is so dedicated to improving the world. Thanks for posting this eddy, I really enjoyed this.
And now I love Ruffalo more.

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I was just going to post this!

Mark is amazing and I really want to hear what Robert thinks of it now.
Welcome to fandom, Mark Ruffalo. :)

OMG Mark Ruffalo approves of you shipping Science Bros. Love it!
This was funny as hell. I didn't know about Science Bros. before now, but I would totally watch it if it were a TV show. Or is that what Big Bang Theory is already doing?
I would love to hear the convo when he tells RDJ. LOL
From the comments (for once, useful):

Stark Spangled Banner. I think my head just exploded and yet somehow my hands are typing this post...

And I'm done.
Ruffalo never knew it but he was always a shipper LOL

I let out a fangirly squee at "That's cute!"

Me thinks RDJ already knows. He, on the other hand, does Google himself. ;)

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