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April 18 2013

Sean Maher to play recurring character in EastSiders. The web series, which will begin streaming through LogoTV's site, is a dark comedy about the effect of infidelity on Cal and Thom, a gay LA couple. Maher will play Paul, a gallery owner and Cal's boss.

Much amusement from our UK followers btw. They thought he was going to be in Eastenders.
Haha, so true, I read that as Eastenders. Yay for Sean though! :)
I thought it was Eastenders myself until I read LogoTV and "gay couple in LA." I neglected to put the capital S in the title, so maybe that'll make it clearer.

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Found some new information on Maher's character. And it's a recurring role! I'm so excited! Updated to reflect, which included a link change (both links). And the official twitter has a still now, which is linked to in the descript.

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I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought he was heading to the UK for some soap acting.

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