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April 18 2013

Joss talks Alien Resurrection. As taken from the Total Film magazine interview. "There is always going to be a shitty Alien movie out there. A shitty Alien movie with my name on it."

And yet his name is NOT attached to "Speed."
"Casting is storytelling," he added when asked about what his experience working on the Jean-Pierre Jeunet helmed movie taught him.
"Casting is storytelling." I like that.
You know, the strange thing about speed is that i could swear i once saw an oficial poster with another writer atached to it. I cant recall if it was Joss or not cause at the time his name would have meant nothing to me, but im pretty sure i saw a kinda "coming soon" tipe of poster here in spain with two screenwriters atached to it. I have always liked to peek at the credits of the movies i watch and that memory is somewhat there; maybe its my fleeting memory playing games with me, but... was he NEVER attached to it?
Does he have an objection to the casting of "Alien Resurrection"? I thought all the Betty crew were agreeably cast, including Ryder. Weaver is Weaver. Maybe Dan Hedaya wasn't what he hoped for in an officious villain of the sort that accompanies an "Alien" flick?
@Darkness: His name was on the poster at first, but they had to remove it. He said in interviews, that he got a copy of the poster with his name on it at home.
Darkness, there's a Speed poster somewhere with Joss Whedon's name on it. And the casting of Alien Resurrection was all over the place in terms of the story intention of the script. It's a good movie in places... sadly, not too many places.
Forgive me if this has been answered here before, but is there a version of Joss' treatment for Alien Resurrection that survives somewhere on the internet for a person to read; a rough draft or outline or such?
I may be wrong but I think Fox put a joss script on one of the DVD special editions.
Geesh, I actually kinda liked it ...
Well he referenced Brad Dourif when he was talking about casting. And I agree with him. I love Dourif in Babylon 5's Passing Through Gethsemane precicely because it allows him to both be "crazy" and really not be at the same time. It subverts him a bit. But yea, Brad just has one of those faces that if you're going for "Suprise! He's Crazy!" it's not going to work. If the character had been "Suprise! He's sane!" it would have been great.

Honestly, Alien Resurrection is one of those films that when I look at it for exactly what the Director wanted it to be, I don't hate it. But it is completely unworthy of the writer, the franchise, and the budget. That's what I expect from an indie horror flick where they're being on the nose, hackneyed, and mocking the material at the same time. And in this case, the material is Joss Whedon's original script. So yea, an unbelievably bad call even if the guy was responsible for Amélie.
"Suprise! He's sane!"

You mean like Marty in Cabin?
When I found out Joss wrote Alien: Resurrection, it was hard to accept. I'd had that movie on my shit-list since I was a little kid.
blanetalk: I do not know how much of this is actually Joss's (the website says it is an 'unspecified draft'), but for what it's worth, there's this script here: (scroll down to find it)
That's the first thing written by Whedon I've ever seen ... I hated it, I still do. I like Jeunet and I love Whedon but when you mix those two together, I gets awfully wrong.
The first 2/3 of Alien: Resurrection really aren't that bad.
It's kind of awful that I still like Alien: Resurrection as much as I do, but I didn't write the initial script and then have it changed and whatever else went on. Joss talks about casting making a film/project or words to that effect, in another topic here and that may be what I enjoy the most (Weaver, Perlman, Dourdan, and a few others), though I think his concept of having one person being insane, you don't know who for awhile, and another whose agenda is hidden, would have been more suspenseful than, "Hi, I'm here, and my elevator doesn't go all the way to the top" vis-à-vis Brad Dourif.

Sorry he dissed Prometheus - there is so little quality science fiction in film anymore that I just take it where I can get it.

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The problem of Alien: Resurrection is not the script. Its the director.

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