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April 18 2013

Dr Horrible 2 will have to wait. Joss says "We've written a bunch of it. It's really just getting that into production, there's too much even for me."

Although Dr. Horrible's twitter account posted a picture of Captain Hammer and The Doctor together to cheer us up.
I'd like to say I'm surprised, but really when it hadn't happened before he got the Marvel contract I knew it'd be awhile.
Well, just as long as we see Bad Horse after the credits of Avengers 2...with Dr. H as his jockey, of course
That's OK. I've waited 5 years, I can wait a little longer yet.

Also you should probably change the link to the zap2it article.
While i want this, i want Wastelanders more, and i will now assume that this applies to that as well.
This headline is inaccurate. All Joss says in the interview is that he's busy. Nowhere does he say that Dr. Horrible 2 will have to wait until after The Avengers 2. Remember, he found time to do Much Ado About Nothing while working on The Avengers, so it should not be assumed that Dr. Horrible 2 won't come along until after The Avengers 2 (based on this interview).
Maybe Joss could find someone else to direct it? Perhaps Zack since Jed and Mo are busy.
I've tweaked the headline to reflect what was actually said and linked to the Zap2it article.
Dr H ain't moving forward this year, sadly. There was real attempt towards it, but I think sleeping and living takes priority (I know, I'm a radical).

But it's okay. It's not like there needs to be a rush for making a sequel for the perfect weekend release date, or whatever - ultimately, it should happen at a time where the story can be best executed. Which isn't always a traditional Hollywood model, and Dr Horrible has always been about challenging the mold of things.

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Hardly surprising although it would have been great to hear progress on Dr H.

Joss looked/sounded really tired during one of the red carpet interviews at MTV Movie awards. I'd rather he looked after himself so he can continue to do what he does so well, than risk his health and sanity by doing too much.
Wow, they got the credit wrong, though they got the link right. This is a rehash of a bit of the very good ET online interview, not a E! News interview.

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Hate to say I told you so but this is really the beginning of the end for me in the Whedonverse.I always knew Joss had a tendency to bend to the studios but this is really the breaking point for me.When I was first introduced to Buffy it took a lot of convincing for me to believe that Buffy actually had as much depth as it did.I had to look past all of it's obvious flaws to find the real substance in it but when I got hooked I was in deep... Then I left it for a while as it had become a bad reminder of a relationship I wanted to forget (at this point I had only watched half of Angel and was avoiding watching the other half) Years later I saw Dollhouse and was intrigued.Not being that aware of the full scope of Joss's work I wasn't full of faith in the man but the episode that made me reassess was Needs so I decided to revisit his work.I discovered Firefly and finally watched the rest of Angel which although not perfect was one of the darkest and I felt brutally honest things he'd done... until Dr horrible.Dr Horrible made me not just love Joss but it made truly respect him as someone who could hold authority to account.A true artist and not just a guilty pleasure with sprinklings of subversiveness on top.After that I became a dedicated Whedonite mining everything past and present and finding plenty to chew on.With my new perspective on Whedon I was very excited for Bellweather and was convinced after the Avengers that Whedon would be the studio systems worst nightmare but then guess what....he signed a 3 year contract with marvel, refused to do Dr horrible 2 and proved himself to be a huge hypocrite who only really wanted to be accepted by Wolfram and Hart all along.
Kinda anti climactic huh...Ya I thought so too.
Captain Hammer would be proud
Hey, JayD. I know a lot of fans like yourself feel that someone like Joss would be better off doing his own projects. In a way, I agree. But he never "refused" to do Dr. Horrible 2. And he's not refusing anything else. I hope that you will stay a fan. It's just that, you know, he's his own person. He's going to make decisions based on what he wants to do. He doesn't owe fans anything. Neither should fans expect anything.

Wow. Okay. There's no way in hell I'm reading all of that, but I think I got the gist of it: you're disappointed that Dr. Horrible 2 is (supposedly) being put on hold again.

First, I would like to point out that Joss Whedon is not a god. Or a demigod. Or even a wizard. Therefore, he can not pull Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris out of of their successful television shows just because he wants to work on a project with them. Also, he is not made of money. He can't not work just because he has issues with the film industry.

Secondly, I found your comment insulting, condescending, and above all else, ridiculous to the point of hilarity. Also, it was hard to read.
Right and Nathan Fillion would rather do Castle than Firefly.
With all due respect ninja report, I think you've got it backwards.Millions of fans want him to do Avengers 2 and that's what he's doing and there's plenty of talent out there in the same position all being funneled into remake projects.It's an easy way to create the illusion of success and hell of a lot easier than making people understand something more challenging.
Well then Egghead your probably an Avengers fan.
We are all disappointed, I think, that Dr. Horrible isn't going to be done right away.
But to accuse Joss of not being an artist because of it? I can't see the correlation, myself.
I second that jayD! Personally, I think that Nathan Fillion would much rather be working on Dr Horrible 2 or Firefly (which he regularly mentions), which is much more legitimate work. And by the way Egghead, I find it quite ridiculous that you cant even be bothered to read an entire post and then resort to generalizing someone else's opinion. Joss doesn't need you to be insulted for him, the point is not to insult, its merely to analyze the work and hold the artist to account.
Logging in to call the person the site is named after a hypocrite is not really welcome here. Neither is insulting other posters.
I second that jayD!

Well you would seeing as you have the same IP address as JayD. So you can sling your hook as well. Can't be arsed with people judging without knowing all (or any of the facts). Dr Horrible 2 was going to happen this year but owing to circumstances it couldn't. So take away that sense of fan entitlement and don't come back.
Having now read the article, I can say: Boo! But not at all surprising. What I like about the Marvel era is that the interviews convey a strong sense of creatively-happy-busy, instead of the Dollhouse quietly-so-miserable-busy. I'm willing to wait for the non-Marvel stuff to work around that.
JayD - Erm... Joss has said in the Making It podcast, he also doesn't work on things he doesn't believe in, and he makes sure that he has the financial means to do so without fear. Heck, he evens mentions that his criteria for choosing a project is whether he has something new to say - and it was the same reason he didn't think to work on Much Ado before last year.

He's a person and he gets to call the shots on the things he wants to spend his limited, finite amount of time on.

(edited for snark)

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counti8, perhaps I wasn't clear before. This is not a place to get into arguments with other posters.
While I'm disappointed that the Dr. Horrible 2 news wasn't, "It's coming tomorrow," I am still actively looking forward to its official release :)
Joss loves his work. He loves his fans. I'll never believe differently.
It happens. I figure Joss should make it when he's got time to focus his energy on it and do it properly, rather than try to wedge it in wherever he can.
Well, since it's been delayed and all...Here is my official salivatory future DVD extra suggestion:

I would love (LOVE, I say!) an extra with the creators discussing the evolution of the story's creation over time. Because, there's no way the Dr. Horrible 2 that will come out post Avengers 2 will be the same as if it had been made shortly after the first one. It can't be. Life and growth happens. The creators won't be the same people. Even if the heart of it is the same, the execution will be different.

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