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April 19 2013

(SPOILER) Anthony Stewart Head confirmed for Warehouse 13. He'll appear in the last three episodes of the season.

The link (and the URL) contains information about who he will play.

By new, I assume they mean new to the show.
As opposed to new in some other way?
I tweaked the headline to confirmed as there was a speculative item about it last October.
Boy, he's been playing the bad guy a lot recently.

He's good at it, don't get me wrong - he can totally creep me out when he's evil, probably because I know it's completely opposite of who he is in real life.

Anyone know where these rumored pictures are? I can't watch Warehouse 13 (don't have cable or dish), but I'd like to see pictures just the same.
I wonder if there will be any overlap/interaction between his character and James Marsters' character? That would be awesome.

ShadowQuest- Hulu shows Warehouse 13 episodes after the Syfy requisite time delay.
He has already been seen in the promo for the show.
As in Paracelsus wasn't created for the show.

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