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April 19 2013

Queerty's Fantasy Casting Couch: Women We Love Playing Women We Love. Our favorite vengeance demon's limit on schnitzengruben is 15!

I agree with that. Emma is just lovely and I would love to see her play that role.
I know she's too old for the role now, but my dream casting for Storm would be Angela Bassett.
I hope this isn't taken as a boorish comment, but, Madeleine Kahn liked younger men and so apparently does Emma. (well, okay, EC is veyr unusually restrianed by comparison to other showfolk in airing ehr love life publically, but I sort of got the idea. I picked a stupid era in which to be 17 years older than she is.)

This bunch might have liked my Amber as Dolly Parton and Aly as Susan Hayward ideas, maybe even my SMG as Sunnye Sherman notion.

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