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April 20 2013

Clark Gregg talks Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Coulson lives! But how? We don't find out in this interview but we do get a very interesting insight in Clark's character in the post-Avengers world.

I liked his comments. He has the right perspective for these type of characters: not too serious/pompous, not too frivolous/dismissive.

I hope that the writers go for an interesting journey. There are just too many ways his character could go...
Pained & angry, like Buffy S2 Ep1. Resentful (life is suffering), like Buffy S6. Not quite right - Cordelia in S4 Angel (or Pet Cemetery). Imposter (enemy spy, Chamelion, Guardian in Alpha Flight 25-27). Scared to die again (Wonder Man for Avengers 162-177). Reckless (Jeff Bridges character in Fearless). Seeking purpose/mystery of resurrection. Fighting for freedom (if the shadow Council were the ones who gave him new life). Always dying and coming back (Kenny in early South Park).
I didn't realise it was a ScreenRant article so I changed the link over. The article has quotes from the video interview.
I hope they take the whole first season to explain why he is not dead and buried. I like my mysteries to reveal slowly. :) Hopefully there will be no quick and easy answers.
I don't think I'd ever want it to be explained. Drama is always more interesting when there are gaps in our knowledge.

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