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April 20 2013

Tom Hiddleston in early talks to lead Relativity's 'The Crow'. According to a the Wrap exclusive.

Why make it Eric Draven again? There's more than one Crow.
Why go back the franchise at all? I'm not a fan of revisiting it anyway, but this is the entertainment world.

If they did remake The Crow, I think I would rather see Hiddles in the part of Top Dollar, though.
To be honest I've never really understood the drive behind any sort of continuation/remake of the Crow (at least in live-action form) since imo the scenario just has this one-shot vibe to it. Plus, the whole atmosphere of it just fit so well with the 90s grungy anti-hero thing, I just don't see how a new project could be anything but a step down from the original.

With that said, Tom Hiddleston does seem to me like someone who would perform brilliantly in a role like this (and could actually get me to go see it.)
Sign me up. Anything he touches usually ends up great and it'd be fascinating to see him in a role like this.
Oooh! I can see it. However, as a big fan of the TV series and the Movie, if they go anywhere near the direction of the horrible Crow:Wicked Prayer, no, they couldn't. No one could make a movie that bad with Hiddleston involved.
I'm up for pondering a Tom Hiddleston anything, so this is just fine.
Man, I would love to see Tom Hiddleston as The Crow. I loved the original movie (such a tragedy as well).
While I'm sure Tom would be great in anything he does, I'm really hesitant about a remake, especially since I'm about 99% sure that James O'Barr isn't on board (he's generally been reluctant about remakes in the past). If that changes though, then I might be open to it.
Tom Hiddleston, in anything. Yes, please.

Was just watching the Avengers Blu-Ray with commentary, and Joss mentions that years ago he'd seen Tom as Iago alongside Chiwetel Ejiofor in a production of Othello. Merciful Zeus, what I wouldn't give to go back in time and see that show!
Oh no! Hiddleston's a hottie for sure and a fine actor to boot...but leave the amazingness that is The Crow alone! It's a cult classic!

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