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April 20 2013

Marty from The Cabin In The Woods tops the AV Club's list of heroic movie stoners. "He can't save the day, but at least he can choose what kind of victim he wants to be, and 'Helpless comedy guy who dies first' isn't it."

We expect to get a few laughs in and watch him die early. We don't take him seriously because his friends don't take him seriously. But he ends up being the most instrumental person, literally changing the fate of the world.
why do i have in my head then...."Here he comes to reck the day"
Love Marty he loves his moose!
Fact is, Fran Kranz winds up being more profound in that movie than anyone else, and that includes his days on Dollhouse
I absolutely loved the character. Though a "stoner", he caught the grist of the situation and took a stand.

Classic Joss writing in earnest! You'll never know which twist and turn he'll actually do a twist and turn (I hope that made sense)! That's the reason we love his stories so.
Love Marty, love Fran Kranz. Great character (written by terrific writers), wonderful actor.
I love Marty. The ending of CITW left me shaken for days, because of how Marty's/Dana's choice at the end suggests that the world isn't worth saving... Usually in Whedon works, the protagonists spend all their time operating under the idea that of course the world is worth saving. Needing to know the plural of apocalypse and all that. Esp. having seen CITW for the first time soon after seeing The Avengers, in which characters do all they can for the ultimate world-saving, I was just gutted at seeing characters opt for apocalypse (in that glorious, Whedon-makes-me-feel-feelings way).
I think what was being said is that a world *that required the sacrifice and suffering of unwilling innocents* wasn't worth saving - that specific point. It's kinda like the Ursula K. LeGuin (I hope I've got the right author, know I've got the right title) short story "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas."
Just out of curiosity, can someone who's seen way more movies than me tell me if there are any stoner film characters that are female? And if so, have they ever been heroic?
BreatheStory, well, she's not exactly a stoner, but the main character in the "Evil Dead" remake is a recovering drug addict ...
Linda Fiorentino in "Dogma"? I know that's a stretch, but it's the first name that popped in my mind. Plus, Alanis Moriesette was a cool pissed off God.
Hmm, not sure about those and whether they qualify, but thanks for your efforts. I always find it interesting that there categories of characters that seem to have trope assigned genders even though in RL such a thing has no boundaries. Definitely known some female stoner types in my life. Ah! A writing challenge!

Female character + Stoner + Comedy Relief + Hero = NEVER BEEN DONE

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