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April 21 2013

Gina Torres guest-stars on this week's episode of "Hannibal". Gina Torres guest-stars on "Hannibal" as Bella Crawford, the wife of Jack Crawford, played by Torres' real-life husband Laurence Fishburne. This episode, "Coquilles," was moved up in the running order after "Oefs," the episode originally scheduled for this week, was deemed inappropriate by NBC in light of last week's events in Boston.

I've been waiting for her! According to TVLine, her role is recurring. So we'll be seeing a lot more of her on the show.
There is a TV show based on Harris's characters in Red Dragon, starring Hugh Dancy, made by Bryan Fuller AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT!

This is very exciting. Looking forward to seeing Gina in it too. TO HULU!
"the episode originally scheduled for this week, was deemed inappropriate by NBC in light of last week's events in Boston."

It was actually Bryan Fuller's decision to pull the episode.
I've been enjoying this series.Mads Mikkelsen is different from Anthony Hopkins but just as good IMO.
D-e-f- thanks, I didn't know it was Bryan Fuller, had been told it was the network.
I've been avoiding this series 'cause I thought it would be a disappointment. Is it that good? True to the books?
"True to the books" is probably tough considering it's original content covering a time period only alluded to in the Harris novels, but so far they've been doing a bang-up job in my opinion (and I'm pretty tired of serial killer glorification in our entertainments). David "30 Days of Night" Slade has directed two of the first three episodes and they are dripping with atmosphere, surreal horrorific imagery and overall style. Fuller clearly has a long game planned as they're already branching off from the events of the pilot in interesting ways. Both Graham and Lecter are well played, interesting characters. And with Gina and Gillian Anderson entering the field of play soon it promises to get better. Big thumbs up, can't remember the last NBC show I said that about.
I think Hannibal is far and away superior to the other two, new serial killer TV shows. As has been remarked upon by reviewers, it is not only extremely well crafted but beautiful to look at. The show is more about Will Graham and his process, rather than Lecter, and Hugh Dancy does a smashing job enacting his particular expertise and how knowing how awful what he has to do is, albeit important, takes a terrible toll on him. I hadn't heard about Anderson but with her star power and guest stars like Gina, this show is on the road to big-time success.
From what I've seen so far, it's an *excellent* show, very character-driven, dark and imaginative. Will Graham is a much more complex hero than we usually get, especially in these sorts of stories. And as far as being true to the books, it seemed to me that the books "Hannibal" and "Hannibal Rising" had some retcon in them, so I'd say the series is truer to the first two books than maybe the second two books were.
Gina's in two Toronto series, and still I have yet to run into her in the grocery store. Does that seem fair to you?

I sometimes can't make out Mads' accent, which is sad considering my husband is Danish.
Surprised there wasn't a post about last week's episode - David Fury was one of its writers.
Well, writers are harder to remember. In my experience, anyway. ;)
Caroline Dhavernas (Jaye from Bryan Fuller's Wonderfalls, M. Night's Devil, and a bunch of other stuff) is also in this and is part of what got me to watch. Curiosity about how Mads would play Hannibal and the promise of Laurence Fishburne was there as well, but mostly I tuned in to see a friend as an extra in the second ep. Gina Torres is icing on the cake.

Have never seen Hugh Dancy's work before--he's incredible and is most of the reason I'm gonna keep watching. Plus I'm curious about Fuller's long game for this. Before I knew a thing about the cast--back when I confused this with one of the other serial killer shows and thought Kevin Bacon would be working with Hannibal--I heard that Lecter wouldn't become known as a threat to the people he was working with for many seasons. Sounded kinda brilliant (a little bit The Inside, which I still haven't seen the second half of).

I watched the first two episodes of Bates Motel and liked it okay too (the performances are excellent--no surprise with Vera Farmiga), but I'm only allowing myself to keep one new show with school and all. Hannibal feels like it has a ton more going for it.

And yeah, the cinematography for this series is beautiful.

Needed something to replace Dexter (ending this summer) anyway--this'll do.

I finally have the motivation to check out Hannibal (the film) and Red Dragon (supposedly the best of the post-Silence of the Lambs films--which I'll definitely have to re-watch some time soon). Probably wait 'til this first season is over, though.

Looks to be the first Fuller-led series (that he sticks with fully/hopefully with little network interference) that'll last beyond one season.
No wonder I loved last week's episode. I didn't realize David Fury was writing for the show. Now it makes sense!
Gina was absolutely amazing in this! God, that woman is so talented and beautiful!

Love the show too, it's the best one out of the three serial killer shows we got this season. Hope to see last week's bumped episode in its entirety with Molly Shannon.

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