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April 22 2013

Joss Whedon on Michael Bay's student film. They were at university together back in the day.

Bay's student film prominently featured his own car, a yellow Porsche? Somehow that tells me everything I need to know.
Joss is a real class act. You never hear him trashing others, even when they're disrespectful of his work (like the Dark Knight Rises' cinematographer's comments), even if Michael Bay would be a very easy target.

[Edit] - Ok so apparently you do hear Joss trashing other works, or at least talking negatively about them. Still, overall, I think he's a classy man who'd rather be self-depricating than taking down others. [Edit]

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This is not the first time Joss has praised Michael Bay.

Also Joss trashed Prometheus just last week. He trashed X-Men. He trashed Donald Sutherland. He trashed Alien 4. I think there are some others but they're not coming to mind right now. He is a class act but he has had some bad things to say about other film makers and even various actors.

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Well, Prometheus was trash, so no foul there. Also, I find it hilarious that Michael Bay thinks Roger Ebert would have given two craps about the fact that Bay is so famous he's recognized in the Forbidden City.

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One thing that seems pretty consistent (with the exception of Prometheus comments which I did not hear) is that Joss tends to comment and be hard on projects that he was personally involved with.
He made a comment about Spielberg here but no one ever picked up on it.
What was that, simon?
Very politically correct of Joss, and yes, most of his disparaging comments that I've read have only been in regards to difficult projects he's been personally involved with.
Bay's student film prominently featured his own car, a yellow Porsche? Somehow that tells me everything I need to know.

That someone used their own possessions in a student film presumably made on a very limited budget? I'm not sure what exactly this says about Bay; I think that almost every student film would prominently feature anything the students can get their hands on.

Or is the point that it says something about him that he owned a yellow Porsche in the first place.

I've heard that Bay was an *exceptional* film student, in a way that makes his general crappiness as a director (IMHO) a shame.
Well, I'll make the point that having great skill at a craft and employing that skill and a way that fits the time may be the issue. Some films like Transformers work just fine if you let the target audience be children.

But Bay, Lucas, etc. live in a time now where if something doesn't work on the adult level it's going to get savaged. You can't make a simplistic kids story, release it to the GA and expect to not be taken to task for the stupidity in it.

Heck, look at the storytelling chops of Pixar and Dreamworks and its easy to realize the storytelling has changed. How? By actively putting things in it that effect adult characters and relate to their experience. Bay has just never changed with the time. He thinks live-action 80's cartoons still work.
What did Joss have to say about Prometheus and X-Men?

You know, there's a difference between having an opinion on a film and trashing something. It kind of depends on how you're saying what, and how bad the 'offense' you're responding to was.
The Prometheus thing was a one word joke. Joss is pretty much always careful/respectful about how he talks about things.
I remember Joss's summary of Oliver Stone's Alexander:

"Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! FUCK YOU."

I think it was in a Q+A, years ago. He might have even said before the comment something along the lines of not generally wanting to trash other people's work. The video is probably still out there somewhere but I have no idea where to look for it.
Michael Bay is everything why I love Joss Whedon

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