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April 22 2013

J. August Richards talks Arrow, Angel and Joss Whedon. No mention of his role in Agents of SHIELD but he does talk about Angel and give Joss a lot of praise.

There are some really cool thoughts here. Can't wait for news on his role in S.H.I.E.L.D.
He nailed it, straight on. I am impressed that he has no reservations about telling us that he still watches Angel and Buffy - none of this phony "It was just a job" garbage.
Richards has great presence, I'm so glad he's getting work and hopefully becoming a regular on a great new show from Joss.
"It was just a job" sometimes isn't phony, Mitrokhin. Personally I think it's super cool when the actors actually watch and like the shows they're in.
Lovely interview!
Did his episode of Arrow already air?
@gossi: that was exactly my point. I'm sorry if it caused some confusion. I was poking fun at those that don't seem to be as grateful for the opportunities afforded their careers by having worked for Joss as they should be.

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