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February 26 2004

Sarah wishes to work less with Freddy. Hopefully this will mean that a scooby Doo 3 will never happen and Freddy Prinze Jr will never appear in the Buffyverse!

That article is horribly written. Or maybe it's some new internet journalist speak. Hell.
Yeah, that made me head hurt trying to decipher the trying-hard-to-sound-clever-and-hip speak.
Horrible. The writer should be shot.
I guess you've never read a British tabloid?
Is this how they sound nowadays? I have read British tabloids -- in Britain -- but it's been quite a while. So this is a tabloid, then?
Don't know the site. But this is how tabloids write, but less words.
This is a very extreme example of a British tabloid, it must be said.
Well it's not so uneblievable. I can see it being hard for most couples to live together AND work together. (And I have the feeling Sarah wears the pants in the marriage anyway)

As for the article, it didn't strike me as that 'extreme' or that the writer should be 'shot'. Just a superficial little gossip blurb is all. What's the big deal?

Although the term "The micro-skirted vampire-vanisher" was hilariously stupid.
Funny. That is all.
EdDantes, I think it was the frightening language, as though written by one desperate to prove they're still hip.
"her home bed-sharer" "Nothing personal, mind. She's still well keen on the Fredster, mind."
My favorite was: "a cyber-bleat to celeb-heads".
Hehe wouldn't it be funny if this was some 65 year old stuffy british college professor trying to have a cool site and studying 'hip' lingo?

"'Fredster'.....yes I do believe that will be quite striking, yes...."
I'm surprised at the Daily Star of all papers making the assumption that just because they are married they share the same bed

They usually like to report on married couples sharing other peoples bed
Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Prinze & Gellar together do not equal box office gold. Or maybe Gellar feels Prinze is suffocating her and needs some space. Maybe their marriage won't last to Scooby Doo Three. I got a question: why should we care how much their personal lives mix with their work lives?
The correct answer to that question would also be the reason why tabloids rake in the millions.....
Re: Tabloid lingo -- anyone else here read James Ellroy? He has a blast recreating it his ultraviolent crime/historical novels. (You can get a taste of it in the film version of "L.A. Confidential") Really not all that different from today's tabloid speak, I guess.

Re: Sarah and Freddie...I mean, what does skilled actor (i.e., SMG) do when they realize their spouse is a nice person who can't act?

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