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April 22 2013

Watch the trailer for 'Thor: The Dark World'. Find out what happens next for The God of Thunder after the Battle of New York. ETA: Here's the trailer on YouTube.

looks amazing, and I can really see a Game of Thrones vibe in the cinematography, and it suits the movie well!
It's so nice to know that my obsessive waiting for this trailer has not gone for granted...

My most anticipated film of the year!!! :D
Love Loki at the end! can't wait!
The reaction to Loki's hair reminds me of the reaction to Spike's hair in Lessons.
I don't know much about the comics thoses films are based upon, but both Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 seem to be going in the same direction: damsel in distress, sacrifice, hero in pain. I hope there is more to it.

Also, "you must be truly desperate" seems a little bit heavy handed, since it was already used in Avengers.

On a more positive note: yay, Christopher Eccleston!

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Kind of looking forward to the next Thor the most (probably my favorite of the Phase One films). Looks pretty awesome, and also, more Kat Dennings. :)
On one hand, I'm hoping the scenes aren't rushed before Loki comes into play, on the other hand, more time with Loki in the film is always better.
Did Thor say "when you betray me I will kill you"? Not "if"? And kill - Thor has come a long way - Jane must really be in danger.

Loki!!! Oh, it seems like forever XD Redemption arc please. Joss needs to bring you back in Avengers II and he does that so well.

p.s. tumblr must be going crazy, they have been counting down to this

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Wow such a great contrast between the intense colour/gold of Asgard of the first film and the grimy dark scenes of Greenwich getting a pounding. Can't wait to see this.

I almost thought the trailer wouldn't have Loki in it, but I guess they couldn't face the fandom melt down that would ensue. Loving Loki's hair too - guess the cats got out of the bag and have been playing with his hair.
So Thor is probably the Phase 2 movie I'm looking forward to the least, and I was going into this trailer hoping that it would make me want to go see it which it sort of did I guess, but then I heard Loki and even though it's 3:20 am and I'm all alone in bed I swore out-loud. I'm still holding out hope for a Avengers 2 without Loki, but I guess I still had the naive hope for a Thor 2 without Loki. Nothing against Loki really other than I feel we need a break from him. With him being in this he's been in every second movie since he showed up in Thor, well at least he doesn't seem to be the villain again.
Loki's only been in two Marvel films. Just like Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Captain America.

And I wouldn't hold hope that he's not a villain in this either. I don't think he's started on his path to redemption yet.

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No offense, Loki, but I started growing my hair out ages ago.
@The Do That Girl

No this makes it 3, which granted is the same as Thor and Captain America. But they're the heroes you know, Loki has had 2 movies where he's been the villain, and really I feel like there's so many other villains and that which can be used, the fact that we're getting Loki so often is just kind of boring to me now.
Love it and love the Loki scene. I also hope we get some teases with Idris Elba.
Hemsworth just inhabits that role doesn't he? Excellent trailer. I do hope that there is more to it than damsel in distress.
Loki's hair!

I now have no memory of anything else in the trailer. Oh, except more Kat Dennings :D
That looks like it's going to be a very pretty movie. Very visually appealing indeed. I'm pretty "meh" about most of the Marvel movies but the trailer has made me want to see this. Looks good.
Looks awesome, and we didn't even have to wait for the Iron Man 3 premiere.

BTW, is anyone else reading the current Marvel NOW! Thor series, God of Thunder? Seven issues in, it's already the best comic book I've read so far (and yes, that includes Angel & Faith and Joss' X-Men run, which were on the top of my list so far), and it's definitely accessible for "new" fans not familiar with the last 50 years of Marvel Thor books.
Assuming that the creators are picking parts of the Dark Elves storyline from Simonson's Thor run, I'm hoping that Natalie or Kat gets to do the french fry gag. (Although with "magic" not being part of the Marvel movie universe, I guess that wouldn't work.)
Trailer looks great.
@Judedeath I meant prior to this one obviously, as Thor 2 hasn't aired yet.

They are using other villains in the Marvel films. I doubt Loki has a huge part in Thor 2 anyway.
I don't think Ironman 3 is all about damsels in distress, in fact it might be quite to the contrary providing much fanboy ire.

This movie looks great. The cinematography looks like a huge step up from all the dutch angles in the first film. Love the lack of CGI gold city scapes. The costumes look better on the asgardians. And I'm sure Loki will have a good chunk in this film without being just a villain. I'm thinking like Spike in season 4 helping reluctantly but hopefully he doesn't pull a Yoko Factor.
@The Do That Girl

Yeah, I get that now.

I think the main problem is the order I watched them in, I originally missed Captain America so I ended up watching Thor then Avengers and I guess it just felt like way more Loki than it actually was. I'm sure it will work out and at least Loki can play the working for the good guys or the bad guys and flipping at a moments notice way better than Spike could have(I didn't really like that whole couple seasons with Spike).
@judedeath yep, viewed out of sequence would certainly feel like that there was an abundance of Loki...

Before I saw Avengers I made a point of re-watching all the earlier Marvel films just to get up to speed. Like I needed much of an excuse. I'm doing the same for Iron Man 3 prep too.
I rewatched Thor the other week and I had forgotten how good it was. Looking forward to the sequel.
This is the movie in Phase 2 that I'm looking forward to the most (besides Avengers 2). Its been a joy to see Chris Hemsworth's and Tom Hiddleston's careers blossom and to see them become more and more comfortable with Thor and Loki. Hopefully that'll continue in Avengers 2 ;)

And @Simon, I feel like Thor the film is underrated. Because its a setup film, it does stand on its own but is MUCH better once you rewatch it after The Avengers.
"I don't know much about the comics thoses films are based upon, but both Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 seem to be going in the same direction: damsel in distress, sacrifice, hero in pain. I hope there is more to it."

Well rest assured, Iron Man 3 is about so much more than a 'damsel in distress' ... saw it this morning and WOW ... so I'm pretty confident that we might reasonably expect the next instalment of Thor to be more than that too.
Is this the one where Christopher Eccleston is the villain? Is that him with the mask-looking face? I'm bad at trailers.

I'm not really into Thor but I could be easily swayed by an awesome new villain. I do really like the idea of Thor having to work with Loki, because that promises to be darkly hilarious in a post-Avengers plotline.

Iron Man is, of course, my jam.
@Ragondux I'm not sure how you came to this idea of "damsel in distress" from Iron Man 3? In the trailer alone we see a scene where Pepper saves Tony.

-Anyway, the Thor trailer looked better than I was expecting, though Captain America 2 remains my most anticipated phase two film. Bring on the Winter Soldier!
I rewatched Thor the other week and I had forgotten how good it was.

I think Thor is my favourite of the phase 1 films, although I do love Tony Snark in both Iron Man outings. And even though I've seen Thor many times, yesterdays trailer had me needing to watch it again last night.
I don't believe I've ever seen an actor embody a superhero as well since Chris Reeve did Superman (the new film about to hit, notwithstanding). Thor was exciting to watch and very well acted by Hemsworth. It's nice to get a sensual tang from an actor who is not only physically worthy of the role but can act, as well. I hope this is as well-directed as Branagh's film.
@Ragondux I'm not sure how you came to this idea of "damsel in distress" from Iron Man 3? In the trailer alone we see a scene where Pepper saves Tony.

Really? I don't remember that from the trailer I saw a while back. Was she wearing a suit? I definitely got a vibe of "your girlfriend is in danger or about to die" in both trailers, but maybe it's because I don't know the stories.

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