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April 23 2013

UK trailer for 'Much Ado About Nothing'. New footage! Dramatic music! Big pink writing!

Well that's showing a completely different side of it from the other trailer! And we get to look at some things a lot more closely. It probably won't surprise people as much as the other one, but it makes a nice contrast. Excuse me while I watch it on repeat for an hour.

Edit: And I love it forever for beginning this black and white Shakespeare trailer with "from Joss Whedon, acclaimed director of Avengers Assemble".

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The difference between the first and the second trailer is astounding. The movie looks really G R E A T. (although there was a bit of a jarring moment when I heard the music which also used for the Anna Karenina trailer)
This is better than the domestic trailer/first trailer. Really looking forward to this.
This was great, just shows you how much music and clip choices effect the mood of the trailer.

I loved the Dance of the Cygnets as music . It's playful.
Wow. It's like a different movie. So excited!
Hurry up, June!!
52 more days....ugh, that's still too long! Luckily I have a Shakespeare residential trip in early June to keep me going (at which I shall of course be plugging this movie as much as possible to everyone who hasn't heard of it yet!)
LOVE LOVE LOVE this trailer. Still not sure when it is coming out for my market.
Ah, I was wondering why the second song sounded so familiar... it's a Two Steps From Hell track and I've got most of their albums in a fairly frequently played playlist, heh.
Wow. This movie looks amazing! Great emotion from Amy. Now I really can't wait for this!


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According to the Apple site, it's out on New York and L.A. on the 7th of June. So I guess they're still going with the nationwide release on the 21st.
I don't actually like the music in this trailer. It is very generic sounding to me.
SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! I liked the contrast with the other trailer!
Ahhhhhh! Sean Maher finally shows up properly. I am so excited!
Awesome! :) Can't wait any longer until June!
That gave me bumps all over my goose.

Wait, how does this English speaking thing go again...
I like seeing some of the actors like Sean but I feel this one was spelling out the story too much.It does certainly highlight more of the humour in the movie though.
I agree with Lioness. Don't have Benedick and Beatrice dancing together so soon. Did like her tumble down a couple of stairs, though. SF and Boston, welcome this movie at your Film Fests this weekend!
You know this is a famous Shakespeare play right? It's not like you'd be spoiled? I guess there are people who have never read/seen it I suppose.
Having seen it, there are scenes you really wouldn't want to be spoiled for even if you a Shakespeare aficionado.
Bleep bloop! I'm psyched for this.
Looks absolutely fantastic. Every time I see anything about this film, it just looks better and better. O June, fairest of months, when wilt thou be here to feed my starving eyes with thy bounty?
Feast your eyes on the wicked magnificence that is Evil Sean Maher! Amy Acker now owns Shakespeare! This trailer has more of the darkness and more of the romance and makes me more unable to wait to see it.

ETA: Watching Fran Kranz's heart break is . . . heart-breaking, and it must have been fun to give the direction, "Put your arms around him and whisper in his ear, 'Kill Claudio.'"

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