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April 23 2013

The Mary Sue wishes they were more like this Buffy high schooler. Hint, it's not who you think it is!

It was exactly who I thought it was, for exactly the reasons I would've pegged.
Ironically, Cordy was the one who ended up dead....
I thought they would want to be like Oz, but then I saw that they were listing girls only...

No way I would ever want to be like high school Cordelia, no matter how difficult my life was. I would never want to be a bully. And anyway, it's not like her high school life turned out that great anyway (granted, when she stopped being a bully), what with her crappy fairweather friends, cheating boyfriend and the fact she wasn't reasonable enough to see that becoming a real friend of Buffy would be a much better option than constantly resenting her for ridiculous reasons and staying on the outskirts of the Scooby Gang.
10 pages to flip through-n o thanks.

Cutlass; well, that was the official story, but the NFA authorized comics showed it was more complicated.
On my current re-watch I do appreciate Cordy rather more. What I like most about her, though, is that whenever things get emotionally real, she is always reliable, and even reassuring. She's not so good with the monsters, but when the Scoobies get hit by major pain, she doesn't bat an eye, she just does what needs to be done.
Cordy was a great character.
I like BtvS now, but to be honest, the presence of Cordelia was the only thing that got me through season 1. She was the only character for whom the writers seemed to realise what a ridiculous stereotype they were working with, and with whom they were willing to have some fun. Willow and Xander's over-the-top-yet-serious "feel sorry for me, I'm a nerd" schtick left me cold.
Cordy is my fave....especially in "Halloween".

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