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April 23 2013

Joss Whedon and Religion: Essays on an Angry Atheist's Explorations of the Sacred. Out in October, this book addresses "such topics as ethics, racism, feminism, politics, spiritual transformation, witchcraft, identity, community, heroism, apocalypse, and other religiously and theologically significant themes of Whedon's creative enterprises".

It can be pre-ordered at

I submitted an abstract for this book. I haven't thought about it much since they declined my paper, but I am looking forward to reading this when it comes out.
What were you going to write about, Bishop?
Hmm, sounds like my cup of Darjeeling with 2 packs of Splenda, for sure. (Considering that the Mary Sue character in my fics is a practicing Lutheran it definitely interests me.)
Oddly enough, if Joss is "the Angry Atheist," his 'verse' is remarkably Judeo-Christian in its moral tapestry.
It's not odd. The predominant culture is heavily influenced by Judeo-Christian views. Not believing certain things doesn't erase their influence, it just changes it.
Yes. People can be culture Christians and still be atheists.
I'm always interested in discussions of spirituality & religion, especially in my favorite media & literature choices (as an aside, I think genre/sci-fi does this best). But I think the term "angry atheist" is unfortunate. As a religious person myself, I don't get an "angry atheist" vibe from Whedon at all. His humanist/agnostic leanings definitely come out in his works, but I don't think that religion is treated badly either. Consider the spirituality of Book and Inara in Firefly. I think the book title could easily put people off- not me of course!
Am I wrong in remembering that "Angry Atheist" is a term he labeled himself with? Pretty sure it was with his usual tongue in cheek delivery.
IrrationaliTV, I went looking for the reference and found this very interesting article written when Firefly was just starting.

I especially like the quote from JJ Abrams about Joss.
Good find, counti8. I knew I read that somewhere. :)
That's one of my favorite Jossian interviews, and bonus! He quotes that great line from Our Own Evil Gal, Mere Smith: "There are no atheists in Fox shows."'
Thanks so much counti8 for that interview, I'd never read it. Poor Joss, he had no idea what was coming lol! Plus, I spied a future Dollhouse episode title. :)

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