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February 26 2004

Fox PR officially announce Firefly Region 2 DVD Hooray. Mine is already pre-ordered. The spec looks the same, but I wonder what the limited edition packaging is about?

"...over 7 hours of extra features..."

This makes sense 'cause they're probably including the commentaries as extras (which they are). If the Region 2 edition has more extras than Region 1 though, I'm either gonna have to get myself a multi-region player or beg someone over there to upload it all.

"...never-before-seen material and limited edition packaging available for a very short time only..."

Heh, if Fox tries to pull the "includes 3 never-aired episodes!" trick, I'll laugh for days. I know at least the Brits and the Irish saw it all during its first and subsequent airings over there on the wonderful Sci-fi UK channel. What does Region 2 cover anyway? All of Europe?

Anyway, happy news. More DVDs for more people, plus the appearance of Serenity on Universal's upcoming list...been a good past week for Firefly.

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