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April 24 2013

Is Michelle Trachtenberg in the new X-Men movie? Rumors are circulating but I'd take it with a pinch of salt.

I think it would be a great part for her. I still haven't seen "First Class", to be honest, but I have heard good things. It's a high profile character in a high profile movie, so I think it would be great for her if true.
Yeah, this would be a big score for her. Hope it happens. Would be even better if she was playing Jean, as she such an important character in the X-Verse.
Michelle should've been Kitty Pryde.
I like Michelle, but I don't really like the idea of her as Jean Grey. If she does indeed have the role, hopefully she'll prove me wrong. :-)

Also, and tangentially, I'm still annoyed that they're doing Days of Future Past without Kitty Pryde.
@erendis Kitty is in the movie. Ellen Page is playing her again.
This reminds me back in the day(1999) when SMG was rumored for Rogue in the first X-men film.

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Oh cool. Clearly I haven't been keeping up with this movie enough .... just checked the imdb page, and it looks promising .I wasn't a huge fan of "First Class," though I liked aspects of it; this one looks like it could be an improvement. And I'm thrilled that Patrick Steward & Ian McKellen will be back.
I do like get the impression watching her tweets she is up to something .There have been some odd tweets and I see today she is mentioning going on a fitness programme .

So if some project turns up I wouldn't be surprised .
Jean wouldn't be nearly old enough for the 70s portions of the film, right? Their timeline's sort of all over the place sos we can't be sure.

Perhaps she's Rachel Summers? Yet another Siren actress? (Granted I still can't tell if they're bringing back Banshee in this film.) Hope Summers would probably be way too convoluted but that doesn't mean they can't try.

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