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April 24 2013

Joss Whedon on Avengers 2 - "I have actually finished a draft, we're in a very good place". He was talking to Yahoo! Movies at the Iron Man 3 premiere. The interview is a cut above the usual red carpet interviews and there's a surprising hint about who might appear in the sequel.

Am I right in thinking that brother/sister duo is a confirmation of Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver? Great interview altogether.
Yes, that comment came out of nowhere.
So no browser here will show me there's a video there at all, just a big gray box. Any other link?
If those characters are in it, certainly seems to solve the debate over whether Fox or Marvel have the rights to them. It'd makes sense for them to be in Avengers 2, since they were in the second Avengers line up and also The Ultimates.
WHat an amazing red carpet interview. Great.

ETA: B!x, Here's the direct link for the video:

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Scarlet Witch, written by Joss.... I'm having a moment over here.
Or The Avengers versus Pearl and Nash from the Angel & Faith comics. Somewhere there's a fanfic about that.
What exciting news! I couldn't believe how casually it was thrown into the conversation.
I've heard that technically both studios possibly/probably have the rights to the characters, it's just their backstory must vary. Like any Marvel movies can't delve too much into who their father is whereas in X-Men movies they can't deal with robot marriages.

Granted most of that seems to be extrapolated from just this interview?

I wasn't quite paying attention though, where did this "brother and sister act" discussion happen?

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Joss sort of threw out an offhand comment in the above link where he says he's got his favorite characters in the script, "the brother/sister thing I love"...I mean, scarlet witch and quicksilver seem like the most likely, no?
I too hope it's the Maximoffs that Joss is talking about...but he could misleading us towards Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver when the reality is that the brother/sister thing is a further fleshing out of the Black Widow-Hawkeye relationship ;)
If he doesn't mean Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, then I'm hoping that Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel/Ms Marvel is in the film and the brother/sister relationship is really her friendship with Steve.

Probably wishful thinking but I just really want Carol to show up in MCU.
I thing Feige said that either Marvel or Fox had the power to use Pietro and Wanda?
That interview was definitely a cut above most red carpet fare. Good to have extreme Whedon fanboys working the microphone.
Feige has stated that both studios have rights to them. The MCU just won't be able to call them mutants. Sorry, I can't find the link.

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Also, is anyone else worried by this? The first avengers was already super crowded without having to completely introduce brand new heroes (unless you count hawkeye). It seems like the movie will be rushed now, unless they introduce them in a different phase 2 movie?
I'm not sure how a movie that will be out in two years time will be rushed?
I don't think Cap meant the production, I think Cap meant the actual story, what with so many characters in it.
I meant rushed, in that there will be too many major charachters to receive appropriate screen time. (Spider-man 3)

Edit: yes ^ I meant exactly that.

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I assume if Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver are used than they can't give any nods to them being Magneto's children.
Joss has always known how to balance an ensemble, and he wouldn't introduce new characters if he didn't need them for the story. So, no, I am never worried by any decision by Joss (I only worry about things forced on Joss).
I think the other candidate pairing could be T'challa and his sister, the new Black Panther. As thre is a bit of Wakanda mixed into the MCU already via references to vibranium and that map at the end of IM 2, that may make more sense.

Regardless, my thought is that by Avengers 2 we will be finding out that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have a lot of heroes and villians walking around - perhaps introduced in the SHIELD series or perhaps merely referenced. I believe, based upon what Joss has said and the other hints out there, that the underlying story will be some version of 'Civil War', with the push to begin regulation of heroes being something caused by Thanos. Iron Man is seeing the dangers of large numbers of meta-humans in IM 3. Cap is seeing what evil governments can do with Superheroes under their thumb in Cap 2. That puts them in the perfect frames of mind for their Civil War roles.
I wonder if there will be some attempt to crowbar a cameo into X-Men Days of Future Past. (Such an attempt wouldn't be totally unprecedented - see also Oscorp in Avengers.)
I think they could give a nod to their father as long as they don't name him directly. They can describe him in an awesomely oblique way that would give a viewer no reason to doubt who he is though.

What I wonder is whether if it is Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, Joss would hint at, overtly acknowledge, or just flat out step around the Ultimates version of their relationship. Because nothing says "Summer Tentpole Film" like implied or expressed brother/sister incest.
@daylight, I thought they didn't manage to get the Oscorp building into Avengers in time? (Or was it that they didn't have time to get the Stark tower into Spider-Man?)

But yeah, I figured it'd be too much trouble for them to try and allude to Magneto enough for the film continuities to exist. "Children of a terrorist" maybe but the degree wouldn't necessarily carry over. I think Marvel comics proper had the same issue when it came to Shang-Chi and how they could only allude to how evil his father was without the fact he was actually Fu Manchu or whatever other yellow peril villain.
INT. Random SHIELD related office kitchen or something.

Expository Character Bob: You think these two are bad, you should be glad their old man isn't here.
Tony: You would think, being a genius, I'd be more cautious when people say that kind of thing? But the suit really smoothes a lot of super-powered social anxiety.
Expository Bob: Guess that would depend.
Tony: On what?
Expository Bob: *grabs a refrigerator magnet* would this stick to the suit?

Starring Stan Lee as Bob!
Heres a similar interview with THR that the mods may want to add to the headline.
I just had a thought, perhaps an improbable thought:

Morena Baccarin as Scarlet Witch
James Marsters as Quicksilver

[although he would have to whiten his hair again]
@orangewaxlion yeah, like I said, an attempt wouldn't be unprecedented.

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