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February 26 2004

(SPOILER) Shooting report for Angel episode 18. Brief but tantalising details at Spoiler Slayer.

.Can't wait to see Connor again.

Well. This is... neat.
I don't know what was so tantalizing about it. Two sentences? Yippee-kay-ay. Now, if it were to say "Connor gets whacked in the head, suffers amnesia, and goes to a sanatorium in Switzerland" THAT I might find titillating.
Cubicle, there's actually more on that episode if you filter through the other links under "Angel- spoilers"

But yea, i can't say I'm excited to see boy wonder again.
Grr Conner.... not so thrilled about his comeback
I'd like to think of Conner as the "Scrappy Doo" of the Fang Gang. Small...mouthy...annoying.
Before I begin, I may try to repeat once again, something I said in another post sometime ago. Angel is my least favorite Mutant Enemy production, so it's rooted in my opinions, that I don't think Angel ever surpassed Buffy as a series. But my post won't be about comparing the series, cause even when bad, Mutant Enemy shows, tend to be a lot better than most shows out there.

What annoys me about the Spoilers from episode 18, it's that the episode involves so many elements that were essentially part of Ats' season 3, that really bugs me.

I hated season 3 of Angel, it's my least favorite season from anything Mutant Enemy ever did.

I know a lot of people got annoyed from how evil Cordy sounded forced especially during the back half of season 4. Say what, I won't say it wasn't forced, but I loved season 4. Is not that Saint Cordy from Season 3, wasn't as forced or even more forced than Evil Cordy. Sorry... just had to get that out of my system. In case most people here don't agree, just want to say it again that's my opinion and you don't have to agree with it.

Back to discussing spoilers. Although I'm not in love with season 5, it's at least better than 3rd, and just like season 2, a lot of very good of episodes, but mixed between, some not so good episodes.

And I actually did hoped that most things from season 3 stayed burried deep in the ocean, to never be ressurected again. My first thought, when the first info form the episode appeard, was "Ah, no... not them again, not at the end of the season.This will be f... up"

I hope I'm wrong again, and this one actually turns out like a great episode. When I read the spoilers for You're Welcome, I thought, "well that's gonna suck" but at the end it turned out pretty well, somethign close could be said about SMile Time. I read some pretty awful reviews about Why We Fight, but way before that when I read the episodes description, agian I thought "that's gonna be horrible" (even though it was from Goddard and DeKnight, and I'm a big fan of their work, specially from the old Buffy days), but at the end it actually became one of my Top 10 faves for this season.

Episode 18, as been reported in a few places will be written by Drew Goddard, which I believe is gonna be his last episode this season, in anycase his last in the series. Even though his solo installments this season in Angel, hasn't really been as good as his episodes in Buffy's 7th season (again, must I say my opinion - big fan of Selfless and Bad Girls), I hope it will turn out to be a great episode. Ironic must be that his last Buffy episode, was also an 18th episode of the season.

I really do hope that we'll watch a great ending for this season.

I've really been very in between thing this season. Most of the international communities that I'm more active, the overall opinion about the season, has been mostly positive, a great part saying it's the best season ever. My Friends from local communities (and when I say local, I mean Latin AMerica, mostly Brazil), they're hating the season, saying it's the crappiest ever, even though Destiny and Smile TIme were great installments. And I do get their point, cause I do agree that some episodes this seaosn, hve been pretty bad. Me? As I said before, somewhere in between. Watched A Hole in the World, couple hours ago, and enjoyed to some extent, but didn't think it was that marvelous or close to perfection thing that Herc from AICN and some posters thought, but a really good episode, just that. Season 5? Not in love with it, but depending how things fare out might be either my second, third or forth favorite ANgel season.

Yeah...maybe I'm just too picky.....
sorry for the long post, just felt like spilling things around.
I think other people are so excited about Connor coming back because one of the reasons for renewing Angel is that the story line needs more time to tie up loose ends. This certainly might tie up one of them in case the campaign fails.

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