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April 25 2013

Zoe Kazan talks about In Your Eyes. She describes it as "a very romantic movie-almost like Joss Whedon does Nicholas Sparks".

Nice to see something about this movie! Looking forward to it!
"It is a filmmaking process unlike any other Iíve done before". Very intriguing.
I don't know why we're not having more news about this film, and I can't remember Joss really talking about it. I hope it'll get released soon.
We probably haven't heard much because it is still in post and doesn't have a distributor yet. It will probably go on the same long drawn out festival route that Much Ado did. That is one of the prices paid for making your own films without the backing of a major studio/distributor. I'm sure it's worth it for Joss but it takes a long time for these movies to reach his audience.
I'm looking forward to this so much. Do we know anything about it other than 'supernatural romance'? That just makes me think of all the times Joss ripped our hearts out on Buffy and Angel...yep, still looking forward to this!

Does anyone think perhaps they're waiting to premiere this at Toronto like Much Ado?
Yes, Bluelark. Which is why I just said that in the previous comment.
What I meant was that Much Ado's premiere was announced in July, so hopefully that's when we can expect to hear something.
Ruby Sparks was quite good, it's sad that no one really saw it. Zoe Kazan was lovely in it. I'd somehow forgotten she was in In Your Eyes, so I'm even more excited for it now!
I wish they'd release a pic or something. I hardly know anything at all about this film. Its like Goners all over again except in this case I know a film was actually made.
Relatedly, producer Michael Roiff did a Reddit AMA in which he mentioned that In Your Eyes currently is in editing. He also answered a couple of questions about Joss.
is there anything else in the video? the sound doesn't work
Ruby Sparks was nice. I would have liked it even more if it was less romantic and if the ending would have turned out a bit dark and extreme. The girl to me was just too much of a fantasy.
"In Your Eyes" sounds very interesting so far.
I just hope it's nothing like actual Nicholas Sparks books/movies.

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