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April 25 2013

Scarlett Johansson in final negotiations to star in Luc Besson's "Lucy". According to a Hollywood Reporter exclusive.

ScarJo, Luc Besson, Sci-fi/Action genre? If we could post pics I'd be posting a certain Futurama image macro.
Scarlett Johansson multi-pass!

I think the premise sounds intriguing enough, I'd watch it. Pre-Widow, she did have a taste of ninjutsu in "The Island"... maybe MCU projects have awakened the Action Girl within?
As I noted in a Twitter feed mentioning this news, I'm thrilled to hear this...but I'm honestly waiting on Besson to have a freaking epiphany for a sequel to Leon (The Professional for you American cinephiles ;D) so Natalie Portman (whom I can tangentially mention after her character was mentioned/featured in The Avengers/Avengers Assemble) can follow on her amazing first role!

Hell, Natalie and Scarlett are friends and worked together on The Other Boleyn Girl so a fully grown and kick-ass Mathilda could a great cameo or twist ending for this fim ;P

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