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April 26 2013

Which Sci-Fi series do you think will stand the test of time? BBC's Mark Kermode asks his blog readers - and everyone's favourite space western gets a nod.

Skip to around 04.18

No doubts that Firefly will 'stand the test of time'...after all, it's STILL generating new fans today.
Glad that Firefly got a mention but I am really surprised Mark Kermode hadn't heard of Farscape?
Oh, you mean "Defiance"? :)
Jason of Star Command!

I keep getting a content doesn't seem to be working, try again later, message. Does anyone have a better link for this?
@embers - It's from the BBC so I'm not sure whether it's available outside the UK
Yeah, I get the same thing. It's not available outside the UK.
It worked for me, and I'm in Iowa.
I always hear Firefly being brought up by sci fi fans, even those who haven't seen it. No question it will stand the test of time

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