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April 26 2013

Neil's Puppet Dreams, The Guild, Dr. Horrible place in TimeOut New York's 50 Funniest Web Series. Neil's Puppet Dreams starring Neil Patrick Harris, with a guest appearance from Nathan Fillion, ranked 22nd. Felicia Day's The Guild comes in at number 18. And Dr. Horrible takes 3rd.

Also the placing of Dr. Horrible at no.2 and The Guild was in there as well. I love web series's one of the best things to come from you tube.
In the Dr Horrible entry.

Reports confirm that a sequel will be shot in the spring of 2013 (hey, thatís right now!) and air on the CW network later this year.

Wait. What? When did that happen? Did I miss something?
Oops. I didn't check. Amended.

And what? I thought Dr. Horrible 2 was a bit shelved for now.
Totally bogus info about Dr. Horrible 2. Also, how did Jane Espenson's HUSBANDS not make this list?
yeah, Doctor Horrible is not filming in 2013 according to more credible sources. The original one did air on the CW but that was last year. In the fall I think?
The Legend of Neil is still my favorite.
Totally agree with libradude re: Husbands. They're going to be on the CW now, that should count for somethin'!

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