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April 26 2013

Grimm has been renewed for a third season. It gets a full 22-episode order.

Hooray for Portland, since I actually enjoy this one.
I'm pleased to hear this. I was worried when they moved it to Fridays. The first season was a bit luke-warm, but I've really been enjoying it this season.
As I said on twitter when they announced Grimm's move to Tuesdays, it is becoming NBC's Bones. It can be anywhere at any time on any day and its fans will find it. We don't get out much. :)
I also enjoy Grimm so this is good news.
I don't watch Grimm. What is the Whedon connection?
David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf.

Also that it's awesome :)
So glad. It really does have an "Angel" feel to it, doesn't it?

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