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April 27 2013

Kate Nash talks Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She performed 'Once More With Feeling' at her Halloween event last year.

This is so cool that the interviewer didn't just ask a passing Buffy question, but actually got in depth with her on it. Good to see Beer Bad getting some love!
She's one of us, haha! That's a good interview.
Heh, I find it funny that she totally loses all focus and just dumps everything she can about Buffy even though it's not quite factually accurate at times-- it's the fan-y desire to keep talking about it once you discover you're in a safe space.

I never actually did watch the OMWF thing since while I enjoyed her earlier twee pop she seemed to be drifting away from it, but the last album was still catchy at times even though it veered riot girl throw-back ish.

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