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April 27 2013

Colour still from 'Much Ado About Nothing'. Not long to go until the movie comes out.

If that's your term of "Colour", then I'm in for the whole haul :)
Oh I was hoping for a shot of Alexis in the pink bedroom. ;)
I really can't wait 'til this movie- highlight of the year? Maybe...
Just saw this at the New England Premiere, AMAZING! I posted a write up here:
... and I just saw it at San Francisco International Film Festival: Amy and Alexis were there! They did a Q&A after the movie and were very charming and funny. Refused to commit to doing another Shakespeare adaptation though or even state a preference for another play, despite the leading questions of the audience, because frankly, the movie is great. It's funny and dramatic and actually really deftly dramatizes Shakespeare.

I'm convinced: Joss can do everything.

The biggest news to fandom: apparently Lionsgate is rolling out the movie in ONLY three markets come June 7th: New York, L.A. and San Francisco. If the initial response is good, only then will the movie open wider. Sounds like a really limited release and then testing the waters for further rollout that's not guaranteed. Alexis urged us all to go out and spread the word about how awesome the movie is: which, FACT.
"Oh I was hoping for a shot of Alexis in the pink bedroom. ;)"

embers, you forgot the elephant in high heels.
Dottikin, I believe it was announced as that originally. It's a limited release thing, you don't over commit in case it bombs.
Gossi, I thought the original announcement from Lionsgate was that it was going to open in four markets (which I took to mean Chicago, as well as NYC, LA & San Francisco). So I'm very disappointed that it will only be three!
They mentioned in this article that it was a small premiere and would broaden in two weeks. Sounds like this is still happening.
I'm sure it has little to do with the quality of the production...but the limited release is a side effect of the 'homework you pay for' aspect. (Maybe they can hold the theatrical release until HS'ers can see it in the fall.)

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