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April 27 2013

Lost Girl, Buffy and Chuck- is Lost Girl Buffy's younger sister? A review of Lost Girl's pilot, noting its similarities to both Buffy and Chuck.

I stumbled across an ep of this show on SyFy randomly and watched for a few minutes before frantically Googling what the heck I was seeing. It's definitely Buffy-esque in its inspiration, but more like a badly Xeroxed copy than a younger sister. Actually, production value-wise and overall look and feel of the series reminds more of shows like Xena or those syndicated fantasy shows.
I watch Lost Girl, but more so because I love the cast than anything else. It does owe a lot to shows like Xena and especially Buffy and Angel. I think it's more like Angel, seeing as the lead is a supernatural creature that sets herself up in a new city as a detective of the weird. That plot gets sidelined a bit though in later seasons. The 8th episode is actually the original pilot and you can tell that originally they were going for a more noir fell. Which I kind of wish they'd have kept, but apparently the network wanted something lighter in tone because they didn't want to be compared too much to True Blood. But a show about a succubus that solves supernatural crime and defends humans against other supernatural creatures is going to get compared to a lot of other shows no matter what tone they chose.
I love this show. First, yes, the production values are not great. But they do the best they can with the resources they have. And let's face it, Ksenia Solo's Kenzi is the greatest side kick in a supernatural show since Willow. She is downright funny all the time. Plus, there is Doccubus, the second greatest gay couple after Willow and Tara- though it seems as though Dr. Lauren Lewis is either playing a long game or Doccubus is over- leaving things open for Tamsin and Bo. And in how many shows of any kind is the main lead very much bisexual?

But this is not Buffy, to be sure. There is little overarching metaphor, just some good acting- it is a very good cast- and solid story telling and a long arc that is still playing out as the show goes into its 4th season- and I have to wait till 2014 to find out what has happened to Dyson and Tamsin, as well as to Bo- and even to Kenzi. I did like Vex harassing the Morrigan, though. :-) And Trick is just a great character.
Trick is a king pin character for me. If they had cast someone with less gravitas I think the show would have fallen apart. I'm not happy with some of the choices they make on the show, but they do accomplish some pretty cool things with what little they are given to work with. (Although the Garuda showdown at the end of season 2? Wow, lame!)

I so wish Bo would succubus someone into dry-walling her house though. It's been three years! Get some walls. Jeez. ;)
I saw a trailer for the show and it reminded me of Hex.
Lost Girl has become one of my favorite shows and I can definitely see why it's compared to Buffy. Strong female characters with a great sense of humor. I will admit it has it's downfalls, mainly with writing the story arcs (like the really lame Garuda story), but the characters themselves are all interesting and dynamic. I sort of wish they wouldn't try to make so many stories about big bad things and instead used their time delving deeper into the amazing characters (and not just Bo, but Trick, Kenzi, Dyson, Lauren, and all the others).
I enjoy "Lost Girl." It has a lot of heart and sees no shame in sexuality, not just along lines of preference (gay, heterosexual, bisexual), but along lines of committed, investigative and recreational.
Sigh. I miss "Chuck". Especially Season 1-3 epic "Chuck", but I would take Season 4-5 amusing "Chuck".

Seen one episode of "Lost Girl". Wasn't my bag, but don't know much about it to analyze. It obviously keeps pretty good meta company, though.

I'm curious, though -- I've seen how the Buffy audience (reasonably, to be sure) braces against supernatural plotlines that alter consciousness, cognition, decision-making, etc, from the the Dawn spell, the Connor spell, "All the Way"/"Tabula Rasa", etc, etc, ad infinitum. No contradictions enjoying a character whose primary superpower is what is usually summarily written off as "mind-rape" on any Buffy discussion one would care to join?
Chuck was a great show. I was always impressed by the fanbase. It's just brilliant all the ways they found to save that show from season to season even though it was constantly on the bubble. Smart and dedicated bunch of fans.

I don't know about Lost Girl. I haven't watched it. I tend to ignore most of Syfy's shows as it seems like only 10% of them are actually excellent programs. For every ten or so mediocre shows you'll get the occasional bit of brilliance that Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica was. I've not heard that kind of reception for Lost Girl so I haven't bothered with it
Do bother with it. It's worth it. Much better than Hex, which I also liked.

KOC- Bo usually sucks people dry long before she does the dirty; in fact, it was doing the dirty that led to her discovery that she was a succubus (sort of like Rogue, in X-Men, if you will). Most of the time now, she simply takes her energy from her sexual partners, who give it to her willingly. No loss of agency involved.

And yes, Rick Howland, who plays Trick, is only 4'10" but has tremendous gravitas. PS. My wife is in lust with Dyson.
I was very pleasantly surprised by Lost Girl. Took a few episodes, but it has heart and a good cast. Good social values too, though it isn't too in-your-face about it. Dare I say it, but there were even a few "Joss-ian" moments here and there. Certainly the closest I've seen to Buffy lately anyway, even if it's not perfect.

Incidentally, don't dismiss it because it's Syfy: Lost Girl is a Canadian (Showcase) show. Syfy are just airing it in the US.

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