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February 26 2004

(SPOILER) The Final 5 ATS episodes & whose writing which ... Spoilerslayer has listed who is writing 4 out of the remaining 5 and which of the episodes they are writing

all i know is i want SMG to be there. hopefully they can really surprise us or i will be dissapointed. i need closure on the B/A/S triangle
I agree with Norman. If Spike hadn't come on ANGEL this season, I'd say, "SMG? Take her or leave her. Whatever." But with _both_ of them there... something has to happen.

Mind you, I don't actually expect SMG to guest, but I'm sure the writers can find other ways to deal -- however indirectly -- with the Big Honking Triangle Of Doomed Love.
I read somewhere that one of the writers said that even if they do get SMG they won't wrap up the storyline. Even with Angel probably not coming back next season they wont ruin what could be a huge event in a another Buffyverse spin off or Movie or whatever. If she does guest I will be better that she will just mix up the Triangle situation and leave. Thats just my take on it though.
Goddard, Fury, DeKnight, Bell -- sure, they're all good. But no more Joss? Grrr Argghh. Sob. Weep. Throw a wad of sodden tissues on the floor.

However, if Joss's last Angel episode ever has to be "A Hole in the World" then he certainly went out with a bang. Do you think he wrote his letter to the fans about "Hole" because he knew it was going to be his last effort? I assumed he wrote the letter because the ep was going to be brutal for the fans to watch, but maybe there was more to it.

Joss excels in television because he has time to weave his special brand of intricate character developments and richly cumulative histories. The 144 episodes of Buffy amount to about 50 interlocking feature films. While I will be ecstatic if there's a Firefly movie and even a Buffy/Angel movie, for me, that's second best.

Damn this world. Damn the WB.
So that was the last Joss-penned Angel ep. Yeah it was a good one. But still....the final eps should be his. I know he's still in charge of the main plotlines and everything and the basic story. (And if you listen to commentaries, the other Buffy/Angel writers always tell stories on how Joss often wrote chunks of their episodes without credit.)

But still....

As for SMG....well I doubt she's coming back because she apparently simply doesn't want to. And if there's any chance of continuation of the 'verse somehow, they probably don't WANT that stuff resolved (as David Fury already indicated). And I don't think it's necessary. I want neither to wind up with her.

However if anything....well, I guess I would like to see her reaction to the news that Spike is alive. Couldn't they hire an actress who can imitate voices and do a phone call? It'd be something. Could be a conference call with all three, hehe.
yeah they could, but now with the reports that maybe AH will be there i am a little dissapointed. i like willow, but for me, i just really need SMG.
I think it's like Fury said--if SMG comes back then they MUST resolve the story--they would have to--and to do that means you're going to hurt at least 3 million people. Cuz lets face it; nobody agrees how it should go. I think the B/S storyline is socially brilliant--but after dangling that carrot at the end of Chosen...wouldn't it be cruel to disappoint B/A fans if it leans B/S?

And wouldn't it be even more pointless to put Spike through more heartbreak? And incredibly stupid if he was suddenly just: O.K. oh yeah Buffy? Who's that?--yeah you two go ahead--or worse he sacrifices himself AGAIN so B/A can be together. I really don't think they have the guts to go B/S--breaks just too many social codes and fairy tale standards--so we're talking deep pain, shallow storytelling and/or redundantcy.

I think they should concentrate on the old Angel cast (I love Spike) but they should send the series away focusing on the prexisting story lines.

I disagreed with DB coming on to BTVS--thought that scene between B/A contained strange 'pasted on' ideas that did not come organicaly from the series.

So with that in mind--they should honor the vetran cast. And the little brother Spike angle won't need to be resolved--because never worked.

Forget Buffy--Angel has aready moved on years ago...and Spike is busy convincing himself to. They haven't touched on 'Buffy' all season--could have dealt with themes of unrequieted love and lots and lots of wonderful stuff but didn't--so why bring it up out of nowhere?

Think like playwright and deal the deck you have.
Isa, I think what Fury said was that even if Buffy came back for an episode of Angel, the love triangle would not be resolved. I personally am fine with that. I don't see Joss wrapping anything up in a nice little happy bow. Especially when it comes to romance.

yeah you're right--I'm probably reading more into it than he might have intended--I guess it was just sorta nice that he might be thinking of the emotional repercussions to we mortals who love these charecters. And I can't say I don't know the rules of the game. I know there is no such thing as a happy ending in Whedonverse--only minimalized collateral damage. And maybe nobody getting killed by friendly fire.

Anyway here's Fury's quote--the part that grabbed at me:

"...And the problem with her coming back anyway is that it sort of invites closure for Spike and/or Angel, which I'm not sure we ever want to do. I think it's better never to quite know. ... Whatever it is, it's not going to be satisfying to somebody. So I think I prefer the idea that both men are still holding out hope and maybe it's something for an Angel movie someday, or a Buffy..."

He speaks as if he was making a deduction from an observation: It won't be satisfying...(therefore) maybe I prefer the idea both men are holding out...

But with interviews and quotes I recognize that it is only a fraction of the greater body of what somone thinks. And what shows up under the microscope doesn't always reflect the totality of that body--so in short. Who knows? But it's true that I might be taking a scrap and painting my hoped for vista on it.

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