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April 28 2013

The best Joss Whedon movie moments. Relive some classic scenes with this Total Film list.

So, clearly they're not aware that Dr. Horrible's "Penis" line was from Zach, not Joss.

Not crediting the other co-writers, especially in Dr. Horrible to a lesser extent Cabin (at least Drew is metioned) seem a bit amiss in this fun piece.

Also the Storm / Toad moment, was deeply hurt by faulty delivery from the cast. It could be a hilarious moment if delivered right.

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Details, details...
I'm always annoyed when Zack, Jed, Maurissa, Drew, etc. don't get credit.
I'm not sure how great that Toad line would have been even if it had been delivered correctly. I mean, I get it, but in that "oh, I get it" Tyler Durden way. It may be that it's the "insect reflection" joke of his movie wisecrack CV.
I always quite liked the toad line, even before I knew Joss wrote it. My secret shame.
I noticed that about the article. They picked a lot of "Joss-influenced" moments, but made it sound like they were ejected full-born from the skull of Joss. If I'm remembering right, Joss mentioned "Shakespeare in the park", which led RDJ to improvise the drapes line.

On the other hand, there are a lot of moments which I suspect have his fingerprints all over them, but likely we will never know for certain. I re-watched the first X-Men movie recently. When Scott is talking with Logan, it certainly sounds like Joss when the conversation starts with Scott saying "if I had to tell you to stay away from my girlfriend, she wouldn't be mine," and ending with Scott saying, "oh yeah, Logan... stay away from my girlfriend."

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There was a Lion King sequel? And Joss wrote a song in it? Weird.
Of course, when I googled that, I found a thread from this very site.
Titan A.E. The whole movie.

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