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April 29 2013

Joss Whedon talks Robert Downey Jr. and teases the villain for The Avengers 2. This interview was done last week during the Iron Man 3 premiere in L.A.

I love how the interviewer tries to bait him into speaking Spanish...flaunt those skillz, y0! (and he can't be serious about RDJ ever wanting 'to hang it up.')
and 'Thread through -> big finale' seems like a good solution.
RDJ has been making noise about hanging it up, unfortunately--although my suspicion is he's just lining himself up for massive paydays to do the next two Avengers flicks.
You know, I don't think he should do 18 Iron Man films, as you start to repeat yourself. So if he wants to push them to move things forward, go for it.
RDJ has already made a ridiculous amount of money from the franchise because he had a killer team negotiating how much of the back end he gets. No one makes as much as RDJ. He made more than $50 million for Avengers alone. I don't think money would be an issue.
They're going to face the choice in the not too distant future of either rebooting the entire MCU, recasting characters, or letting narrative time progress and either have other characters take over various hero mantles or have those heroes simply retire.
gossi, I agree. I'd be fine if he did two more Avengers and that was it; playing the role 5 times is probably enough. And yes, at some point they'll have to look at rebooting, re-casting or trying to popularize new characters. None of the stars of the Avengers are going to be cheap going forward, and some will simply want to move on after playing men/women in tights for x number of years/movies. Just so long as they stick around for Joss, that's all I really care about.
Amen. Kill the iron man franchise until avengers 3 is done and then recast. Or at least get him for avengers 2 please!
RDJ was on Jon Stewart last night and apparently said "I had a long contract with them, and now we're going to renegotiate," then gave Stewart a nice wink.

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