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April 29 2013

James Marsters to guest on tonight's "Warehouse 13". He'll play "a professor with a specific - and very old - skill set that may help stop the global pandemic."

Seen the episode. It's written by "Buffy" veteran Drew Z. Greenberg.
Didn't that air last week?
@zombiecow, no, but it was available online last week.
Ah, right. I'd forgotten.
Nice to know! I guess Nathan will have to take a back seat to James tonight!
Watched the episode online a week or two ago and James is really great in the episode. He and Eddie McClintock are a lot of fun to watch.
I really enjoyed the episode, especially his scenes.
Tony Head will be appearing later this year in the 8th-10th shows of the season's ten episode 2nd half. Strangely enough his part looks to be related to the part JM played.

And fwiw I enjoyed JM immensely in this episode.
So many winks and nods to Buffy fans in this episode! :)
The forehead jokes live!
Loved James in the episode. Loved the forehead jokes, reminded me so much of James on Angel. I hope they bring James back later in the season, he was great on the show.
Drew Z. writes for Warehouse 13? He wrote some very good BtVS. I really may have to make a point of catching this show (besides JM and an arc for ASH, too). Thanks for the info, Shapenew (and MrArg)!
Marsters was terrific. So sad he doesn't appear in more recent Whedonesque works as he is one of the better actors from that 'family'.

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