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October 03 2002

Giddyup, spaceman: a new review of "Firefly" by Carina Chocano which is mainly negative although she does note that: "the show is only two episodes old, so it seems only fair to give it the benefit of the doubt, considering its creator's track record."

In the introduction: " 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and its spin-off, 'Angel,' both of which are widely recognized as two of the most enterprising and original shows of the past half-decade...." Excuse me?! Only the past half-decade?
Fox have changed the order of the episodes around once more, the Joss Whedon penned “Our Mrs. Reynolds” (1AGE05) is now airing as the third episode, instead of Jane Espenson's “Shindig”. Apparently, Whedon's said he thinks its his best script ever. Are they pushing the best episodes forward to try and capture an audience before it's too late?

I'm not sure what is expected of new series and how well they have to do not to escape being replaced mid-season, but everybody (viewers, critics) seems very negative about Firefly's lifespan.

I showed Bushwhacked to a friend (big Buffy/Angel fan) and she tuned out after 5 minutes (as did I, seeing it through her eyes).

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