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"Oh, I'm gonna go to the special hell."
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April 30 2013

New BriTANick sketch featuring Nathan Fillion. Brian and Nick have a new sketch with a special guest at the end.

Love these guys.
Ha. This is great.
The last scene! Wished he was really shooting that movie...
So cute (Nathan Fillion IS ruggedly handsome).
Oh man. That was so funny. I'm still laughing.

Love them.
I love Britanick! I'm crying from laughing so hard.
YAY ending! Including the smaller print on the trailer's sign :) Except then I got sad.
What was the power anthem that was used for his entrance? That music should be played everytime his name is mentioned.

As funny as that was, I just looked at the automatic captions (transcript), and that adds a whole 'nother layer of insanity.
I'm having trouble getting the automatic captions/transcriptions to come on... is there are trick to it (I hate when I get get the internet to work for me)?
That was unexpected lol. Loved lip synching and Nathan's expressions while talking in different voices were hilarious and just right.
OK, those closed captions are... really something. Thanks, OneTev!
That singlehandedly made my day, haha. Love BriTANick!!
Nathan does a really good dog bark. (It sounds like him, although it might be dubbed.)

embers: I noticed that my browser extension was hiding the CC option of the original YouTube player. Maybe you have a similar issue? But you can still click the "transcript" tab (looks like an icon of a paper), below the view count and next to the "About/Share/AddTo" tabs.

It is almost like someone saw the Henry IV (part 2) subtitles for Holy Grail, and decided to apply it to the BriTANick videos.
More than a million views already.
So glad these two are now part of the Whedonverse!
1.5 million now. And six or seven of those views are mine.

The actress's doggy dive into the pool is priceless.
I watched this on the Dr. Horrible fb page and had no clue Nathan was in it or who made it or whatever. Completely caught me off guard.

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