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April 30 2013

Pop Candy lists the top 25 tv shows of the last 25 years. You'll recognize some titles, especially at the top of the list.

Somewhere in my list I'd have the following (and in no particular order)

The Killing (Danish version)
Our Friends in the North
House of Cards (UK version)
Arrested Development
Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Tanner '88
The Red Riding Trilogy
Life on Mars (UK version)
The Fades
Babylon Five
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Lost in Austen
Father Ted
Black Books
The Office (UK version)
Doctor Who
The Thick of It
I'm Alan Partridge
West Wing
Phoenix Nights
And when I saw that Jackass was one the list I quietly closed the tab and decided to forget the website existed.
Gouki, same for me. I mean, what now ?! Six Feet Under has ups and downs ? Sorry but ... No.
Huh, no West Wing?

Not sure I agree with that.

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It is nice to see some shows there, such as the Whedon of course, as well as China Beach, Wonder Years and a few others. But as often is the case, too many omissions for my tastes, such as Babylon 5, Firefly and Justified.
To be fair it does say that it's a list of personal favourites, with holes in the viewing. I agree with the top choice!
Mine would be:
1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. Xena: Warrior Princess
3. Veronica Mars
4. Firefly
5. Northern Exposure
6. Angel
7. Mystery Science Theater 3000
8. The X-Files
9. As Time Goes By (UK)
10. Game of Thrones
11. Antiques Roadshow (US)
12. The Kids In the Hall
13. Castle
14. Arrested Development
15. Supernatural
16. Lost
17. In Living Color
18. How I Met Your Mother
19. Jeeves and Wooster (UK)
20. Leverage
21. Lost Girl
22. Spaced (UK)
23. Alias
24. Doctor Who (2005)
25. The Simpsons

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I don't think Jackass would make my top 25 but I must say, for a live action prank show, it had its moments.
And the Buffster takes her rightful place at the top of the heap! Woohoo!

And AtS S5, definitely a great "gut punch."

Woo-hoo, yay us!
Buffy would be at the top for me, too. Angel would get a slot in my top twenty five for sure, but there are so many shows I love that making a list would be difficult for me.
If nothing else, ya gotta love the way he introduces his pick of Buffy. Every time I watch that show my heart breaks into a thousand pieces. Why do I let Joss Whedon break my heart into a thousand pieces over and over? Why do I like letting Joss Whedon break my heart into a thousand pieces over and over?
Jackass????? And no Firefly???? Really????
Mine would include: Buffy, Angel, Firefly, The West Wing, Veronica Mars, Arrested Development, The Gilmore Girls, Friends, Black Books, Breaking Bad, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Community, Bored to Death, Terriers and Sports Night.

There also are lot of good shows on the air right now that could also make it on my list soon: Bunheads, Game of Thrones, The Good Wife, Sherlock, Elementary, Suits, The Newsroom, Parenthood.

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1. Buffy
2. Angel
3. ER
4. Battlestar Galactica
5. Mad Men
6. Breaking Bad
7. Game of Thrones
8. Justified
9. The Walking Dead
10. Friends
11. Spaced
12. Red Dwarf
13. Friday Night Lights
14. The Good Wife
15. The Wire
16. Life On Mars (UK)
17. Freaks and Geeks
18. The Thick of It
19. The Guardian
20. Black Books
21. The Daily Show/Newswipe/Screenwipe (shhhh)
22. The OC
23. Borgen
25. Getting On

After the first fifteen it got really hard to narrow down the shows.
@ Leaf - Besides Veronica Mars taking the Number 3 spot, Firefly in the 5 spot, Supernatural in the Number 9 spot, Arrested Development in the number 10 spot, and Freaks and Geeks bumped to the 14 spot, that's pretty much my top 15. Parenthood is tied with my number 15 (Katims really gets drama with lower stakes down better than other creators on television). After the top 15/16, it gets much harder to differentiate, depending on the quality of the seasons of shows I watch. Archer is in the top 20 list, as is How I Met Your Mother, Chuck and Fringe. The last five are Community, Daily Show, Parks and Recreation, Happy Endings and Doctor Who.

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1. Buffy
2. Dollhouse
3. Firefly
4. Angel

And then it becomes too difficult, but in the list are Friends, Gilmore girls, BSG, Dr Who, Lost Girl, Alias, Game of thrones, Lost, Veronica Mars, How I met your mother, Good wife, 24, Mentalist...
Not much Deadwood love. That'd be near the top of my list.
So many shows, so little time! Haven't see Deadwood yet. But I forgot Sarah Connor Chronicles, Stargate Universe, True Blood, Big Bang Theory, Castle, White Collar... Oh, and Caprica, Dexter, Spartacus, and actually Grey's anatomy...

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Kids today like Red Bull, and Jackass!
For me my favorite shows would have to be, and this is in no particular order:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Mad Men
South Park
Veronica Mars
Arrested Development
Battlestar Galactica
30 Rock
Freaks and Geeks
the Wire
the Shield
Parks and Recreation
Breaking Bad
the Sarah Silverman Program
Friday Night Lights
Doctor Who
Twin Peaks
Party Down
Game of Thrones
Simon, love your list. May I recommend a few watches?

Dead Like Me
Game of Thrones

I think you would get a kick of them (so to speak).

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