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February 26 2004

(SPOILER) More info on Episode 18. An update at the Spoiler Slayer.

Spoiler tag please.
More info on Episode 18...isn't that self-explanatory?
The title could be indicative of a spoiler. On the other hand, if the "more info on episode 18" was something like who the writer was, the spoiler tag would not be necessary.
Why not link directly to the non-spoilery set report on More Than Spike, and provide a link to the spoilery set report in the More field? It would also make the report accessable to everyone, because they don't have to read the spoilery summary.

We just broke our record for how many members were online at one time, and according to our referrer stats, we've had almost 5000 links from Spoiler Slayer in the past 24 hours. I have no way of measuring how many originated from here, which means that when our members asked where all the traffic came from, this site didn't get a plug. And this is my second home, so I'm always plugging it.

Basically: linking directly to the source is always a good thing, as is providing credit for where that link was found :D

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