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May 01 2013

Entertainment Weekly confirms Avengers 2 rumour. Remember last week when Joss dropped that bombshell of a hint about who might be appearing in the sequel? Well EW confirms who we all thought it might be. Though Marvel's Kevin Feige says "I'm not confirming or denying. The draft could change six months from now."

James Marsters as Quicksilver and Juilet Landau as Scarlet Witch
I think we'll be seeing actors in their 20s cast for the roles. Which is a shame cause Jude Law as Quicksilver would have been highly entertaining.
James Marsters as Quicksilver and Juilet Landau as Scarlet Witch.

That would be a dream duo for us, Tausif, but I don't think it would work for odjectivity reasons.....age and story line wouldn't match up. Love your line of thinkin' through!!

Also not sure about the whole "Pepper" superhero line. It just doesn't fit and I'm not going with it. 'Course, that's just my thought and so to be. I'm sticking with it so!
HOw about James Marsters as Quicksilver and Morena Baccarin as Scarlet Witch. I mean, while we're dreaming...
Oh man. I'd kill for Morena as Wanda. Now I'm. Having a hard time coming up with a reasonable and likely casting.
Whilst not Joss alum, I would love to see Cillian Murphy and Jessica Chastain as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. They're even the same age.

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