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May 01 2013

'Much Ado About Nothing' wins Audience Award at IFFBoston. Independent Film Festival of Boston granted 'Much Ado' with the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature of 2013.

The site also reviewed and covered the Q&A of the film.

At this point, I just expect Much Ado to win every audience award at every festival.
I'm worried that winning a bunch of awards might lead to backlash in the near future. By being popular, some will opine that the award is due to popularity and ballot-stuffing, rather than merit.
I was at the SF International Film Festival for Much Ado, and they gave you one ballot. So I doubt if it gets an audience award it's due to ballot stuffing.
Actually, I'd like to see it get a nomination at the Independent Spirit Awards. That will do a lot for the movie, and more proof that quality on a shoestring is more than possible.
The Q&A with Franz Kranz and Jillian Morgese is charming.

There is also, on the same site, for those of you interested in a film-goers reaction to the Whedonverse invasion, a festival wrap-up column that includes the following quote:

“Much Ado” ended up walking away with the Audience Award. While this should surprise no one who bore witness to the mammoth line and felt the vibrations of excitement during the screening, I was slightly disappointed. It seemed like an odd moment in the fest, when a fandom briefly took over, and gave an award based purely on its creator. But I suppose this celebration by the fans is what makes the fest so enjoyable. You may never speak to anyone in the audience but deep down you know that you all share this love of film. Whenever someone asks me about IFFBoston I tell them that it is the best way to see a movie and 2013 was no different. I will always remember it as the year that Whedon took over, but that ain’t half bad.
gave an award based purely on its creator

Hmmmm. I'm prepared to believe that is true of some, but it seems a rather sweeping claim.
I was at the screening and had no idea that there was any voting on anything.

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