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May 02 2013

Doug Petrie joins American Horror Story. According to Tim Minear on Facebook last night, the writer and/or producer on Buffy and Angel (and Professor Normal in Dr. Horrible) joins the FX show, where Minear is a writer and producer, for season three.

Glad to see Doug Petrie working on a show I watch. Class act!
Nice, the show definitely needs some new blood. Love Tim Minear, but not even he was able to save the confusing and mediocre previous season (though he did write the best episodes of the season).
I think you have to go into AHS expecting a hot mess at this point, I don't mind that they're all over the map and Tim's wrapup season finale was really well done. Also glad to see Petrie on the staff, that's a strong writer's room there.
Maybe Minear and Petrie will cowrite an episode or two-parter ala Fool For Love/Darla or The Trial. That'd be a plus.
I really loved both seasons of AHS, for completely different reasons. If you can get into the mindset, its a rollicking good time. Excited to see what Petrie has to offer.

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