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May 02 2013

The horrible secret behind every Stan Lee cameo. "The mustachioed strangers have been at the scene of every disaster and attack since superheroes started showing up."

I could have done without the image of Stan Lee in lycra waving his butt at the camera in the last frame...

Although...the last panel's disturbing.

I was just watching the first three X-Men movies - I spotted him on the beach in the first one, and of course the hose scene in the third, but missed him in the second one. I'll have to pay attention when I rewatch "Wolverine."

I know there's a YouTube video of all his cameos, but is there a list, too?
I find the scene w/o Stan Lee as Black Widow would be incomplete. Great link, think I found a new favorite site for the day, at least....
Observer!!! XD
Mirage, that's what I was thinking. That or he's lucky not to be indefinitely detained at an undisclosed location. Well, come to think of it, does anyone know where the "POW" offices are, or if they ever let him out? :)

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