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February 27 2004

Words of wisdom from Tim Minear. Kristin at E! Online chats to the former Angel producer and he finally reveals what his favourite 'ship is. He also says he will work with Joss again.

Me loves Timmy.

Yeah he's cool, except.....well I know he's a kidder and so is Joss and they're pals and all, but.....really is the only thing he can ever say about all this that same joke of "Well, I left and it all fell apart, ha ha. Now Joss has no shows, ha ha." ?

A teensy bit on how it was a great show and didn't deserve to be cancelled would be kinda cool too. Could be he did say it and they only ever only quote the sarcasm of course.
I remember him sorta saying his goodbyes and giving the show it's praises after "Home" aired last season. It was kinda assumed that because he'd have his plate full with Wonderfalls, he'd pretty much left Angel for good.

What else can the guy do after having lost Firefly and now hearing about his former job being cancelled? I'd probably resort to humor to keep me sane too. Otherwise it's just way too depressing. Speaking of Firefly, I wonder if Joss asked him to be in any way involved with the movie.

Heh, I know he kids, but Angel/Lindsey is hot.
On a side note - since Wonderfalls is on FOX - from B&C mag ... Fox is doing a bunch of things to ramp up its indecency-enforcement regime. Entertainment president Gail Berman told lawmakers Thursday that the network would undertake a V-chip/ratings full-court press including: A print ad campaign launching this week in The Washington Post, USA Today, and Newsweek; a boost in V-chip rating PSAs; a news special examining all sides of the indecency issue; and making a show’s rating much more prominent and including it on

Just what we need we won't be abel to view the show cause the TV show rating will be taking up the screen.
Joss jokes about Tim needing a drink, too. So I think they're even.
I think we'd all be better off if Fox's indecency-enforcement regime tried to enforce indecency on all their shows. I don't see why they're pushing the V-chip so hard? Is that to get people off their backs about those awful reality TV shows?

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