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May 03 2013

The Man who Lives in a Paris Bridge, Buffy fan. Tangential perhaps, but in the midst of this already fascinating story, the only (apparent) pop culture reference in James B's house is a framed poster of the cover of the Buffy novel, Immortal.

Nice story - but is it really whedonesque front page material?
Like I said, I wasn't sure. But it can only be deleted.
Nice story. I like knowing this.
Although I suspect that it has more to do with him just liking the cover's overall composition than anything else.
Personally, this is exactly the kind of thing I enjoy seeing on Whedonesque - I could get news about The Avengers in lots of places, but what other site would report this?
I agree, dark_tyler and allthingsaverage. Thanks, feelinglistless.
Well said, allthingsaverage, well said.
It's a good find.
I'm adding this to my list of things to see when I visit Paris .... it ranks very high on my list of Places to See, but I'm not sure when that'll happen. Hopefully Mr. James will still be there.
Yes, good story.

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