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May 04 2013

Anthony Stewart Head joins NTSF:SD:SUV:: TV Movie. Paul Scheer announced that this summer, Adult Swim will air a TV movie version of NTSF:SD:SUV:: and he released a poster. Doesn't that guy in the top right look like our favorite watcher?

Yep, that is definitely Tony Head, and this looks like huge fun! I hope I'll get to see it.
Have seen a couple of episodes, great stuff.
That poster reminds me that Karen Gillan is also a regular on this show somehow? I didn't realize they were so heavily playing with UK spin-offs of things that there'd be even more Britishness going on.
And is that Peter Serafinowicz?
Will Kate Mulgrew be in this one too? I've seen her in a few episodes and she seems to be enjoying it thoroughly. Let's see, they've cast a Federation Starship Captain, an X-Men villain (Rebecca Romijn who was Mystique) and now a Watcher... sounds like fun.

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