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May 04 2013

David Fury casts Marsters and Landau in his play. David Fury tweets a photo of our favourite deranged vampire couple.

Writer and producer David Fury (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and others) has announced on his twitter (@TheDavidFury) that James will star in a new comedy which is coming to the Hollywood stage in September – The Bells Of West 87th Street. James will perform together with another "Buffy" star - Juliet Landau (Drusilla in “Buffy”).

Great pic.
I need to live on the west coast. Sigh....
The play was written by David Fury's wife, Elin Hampton.
I have been waiting for James and Juliet to take the stage together, and they finally are!!! And better yet, on a comedy, written by Fury's wife!!!

I always think that the Whedonverse is the best fandom, and then things like this happen to remind me :D Septemeber can't get here fast enough!
Brilliant picture! And they had such great dramatic chemistry together on Buffy, I'm sure the comedy (which James executes wonderfully) will work just fine.
I'm so happy for them but sad for me. If only it was in London. I want to see this so bad ;((

Who else giggled at James's hair? The curls are back at full force ladies!
Cool for me. Sounds like a winning combination all around.

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