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May 04 2013

27 Reasons Darla Is The Best Vampire In The Buffyverse. In honor of Julie Benz's 41st birthday, BuzzFeed celebrates the show's most badass female vamp.

They forgot to mention she had Angel long before Buffy did. :)

Seriously though, Darla was an amazing character. I didn't like her much at first, but she really grew on me. Plus that voice. That creepy, breathy little girl voice.
Darla was a great vampire, and a fascinating character with an amazing story arc...but Drusilla will always be my favourite vamp.
That list was fun, and funny.
that list was mainly about her being hot. mentioning that once would've been alright and enough, overdoing it like this is an insult to the character who was way more interesting than that. I'm so tired of this kind of crap.
i've al ways believed it is:
darla and angel
spike and dru
13. love it.
I completely disagree. On this list of 26 things, 5 or 6 of them were about her appearance, and a couple of those were for humor, like listing her perfect hair twice.
I counted 11, just imagine he would've repeated something else 11 times. wouldn't you wonder why? why not make it a list of 17 things that make her awesome instead of making it a list of 17 things and 10 repeated meditations over how horny the author is. I'm just so very tired of guys who are completely unable to see women in a nonsexual context and completely unaware of how stupid and pathetic it makes them look when they go around bragging about it.
You know what would've been fun?

Darla interacting with Anya.

They have so much in common:

1. Both took pleasure in their transformations
2. Both have defined themselves a la their partnerships (Anya more than Darla)
3. Both have been prize pupils
4. Both have been fish out of water; Darla was impregnated and Anya was turned mortal
5. Both of them exited with a selfless act


1. Darla never got to choose what happened to her. Anya, on the other, always chose what happened. The one exception is when Giles smashed her amulet and rendered her powerless in s3.
2. Darla always knew what she wanted. Anya didn't know what she wanted, but managed to gain notoriety as a vengeance demon.
3. Darla never became a part of Angel's surrogate family. Anya was like a crazy "step sister" to Buffy and Willow.
4. Darla never liked Spike. Anya took solace in him.
5. Darla never wanted a soul. Anya made an active decision to take back her murder of 20+ fraternity men in s7.

If Darla and Anya and, maybe, Drusilla had teamed up, it would've been the Buffyverse equivalent of Catwoman/Harley/Ivy.

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